The Reality of a 30 Day Meditation Streak

I’m riding a 30 day meditation streak! Woo! New PR!

For those interested in starting a meditation practice, I offer a FIRST HAND glimpse into what it takes to be really spiritual and nail this meditation thing.

(You’re welcome.)

A Typical Meditation Session With Corrie
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Turkey Muffins Are Not Manly

A recent conversation with the boy…

Me: If I made turkey muffins, would you eat them?

Mr. M: No.

Me: Why not?

Mr. M: Well, if you made them, but the muffin part is weird. 

Well, well, well, <awesome reader of this blog>. Sounds like my fancy pants job in MARKETING is going to come in handy tonight… 

Because tonight, I’m going to take this healthy thing TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Turkey Muffins are standard for super fit guys and gals on-the-go, but my guy isn’t sold on the word ‘MUFFIN’. And ya know what?

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Welcome to “The Cheat”

This weekend I was properly edu-ma-cated about a very simple and powerful tool in the fitness diet and nutrition game… THE CHEAT.

As explained by Geoffrey C., the bad ass VP of Sales for my company (AKA – ‘Richard Simmons’), THE CHEAT is built into any long term nutrition program.

Why is it built in? It’s put in there because THE CHEAT loves you unconditionally…

THE CHEAT is in full acceptance of your human and all of its crazy quirks and idiosyncrasies…

THE CHEAT knows that sometimes, all you want is a cookie. Or a bagel. Or fro-yo with butterfinger topping.

THE CHEAT holds your hand and says it’s going to be OK. And then once or twice a week, it winks at you and says, “Go get ’em, kid. You’ve earned it.”

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Preparation. It’s what’s for dinner.

Yesterday I said good bye to these guys…


And hello to these guys.

Which makes me feel like this guy.

I thought I knew diet and fitness, and to a certain extent, just by being a health conscious female in a developed nation, I kinda did.

But not *really*…

Despite all my reading, life experience, blah blah blah, I absolutely DID NOT understand this one piece of the fitness/health puzzle:

Nutrition is the answer. 

There are no shortcuts. At all.

Why didn’t I get it? I can’t say for certain, but maybe… possibly… part of it might be the billion dollar marketing story that is all “SHORT CUT SHORT CUT PILL TRICK DIET SHORT CUT WEIGHT LOSS FAT BURN NO EXERCISE SHORT CUT BLIZZ BLAZZ SHIBBA SHAAH $39.99!!!” 

Um. No. No shortcuts. (Sorry.)

Workout all you want… If diet isn’t there, your time in the gym most likely won’t make a visible change to the body. Will you be healthier? Yes. Will your cardiovascular system love you? Yes. Will your pant size go down and will you develop the Oh-So Coveted female ‘Yoga Arms’?

Most likely…no.

Here’s an example of a pro who uses nutrition to create an effect with her body:

This is Nicole Wilkins, Ms. Figure Olympia 2011. She looks like this, probably, like a couple days a year, and only for small stretches of time.

Her journey to this moment in physical shaping is about 12-16 weeks, and consists of timed meals in precise measurements combined with specific workouts.

No random. No chance. All is targeted, thought out and prepared.

For example… This was her traveling through Europe while in prep mode for the Olympia:

“My mom, sister and I were invited over for a traditional Finnish dinner. I of course ate my meals on the left side. I will have to come back after the Olympia to try some of these amazing dishes. The salmon soup sounds so good!”

Lord. Not a single meal wasted. That’s the reality of wanting to be an elite bodybuilder.

And to state the obvious for those who know me…

I do not want to be an elite bodybuilder. 

(Because who would say no to that berry cobbler/pie thing, amirite?)

But I do want to start using meals to help me sustain a leaner frame and develop stronger muscles, two important physical elements for someone who has Rheumatoid Arthritis.

So last night I said “Peace out” to the bar and stem ware. (BOOOOOOOO.)

And hello to the tupperware. (Meh.)

For the first time EVER, I spent the evening cooking and prepping (Mr. M jumped in and helped out with the cooking) and now I have this in my fridge…

Proteins, greens, veggies, legumes… Tosca Reno/Nicole WIlkins style. All are go.

At least I don’t have to think about what’s for lunch/dinner for the next few days. I like that.

And I’m curious… Is anyone else out there trying to do this??!

Onward to Day 2!!

Live clean. Eat clean. No booze. For 30 days.

So much drama.

For those who haven’t been following in the Facebook adventure, I am a Marketing Whoosey-What-What for an amazing (IMHO {just sayin’}) company. We make redonkulus  travel gear that helps organize and transport every aspect of your fitness and nutritional life.

Our slogan?

Travel Fit.™

That’s right, <awesome reader of this blog post>. I work for a company that wants to eradicate any and all situations that require compromising fitness and health goals by settling for crappy/processed/”convenient” food.

ENTIRE WORLD! We want you to come into the LIGHT and RECLAIM the slogan “Have It Your Way™.”

Have it YOUR way… without the crap. (You deserve it.)



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